Personal Financial Responsibility

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


Personal financial affairs are a primary concern of each individual employee and should be managed in a manner which prevents involving the University in legal proceedings and unnecessary expense through garnishments, tax levies, and other collection devices.

  1. University's Responsibilities Due to Employee's External Indebtedness:

    1. Garnishments, tax levies, or other extended difficulties over indebtedness

      • The employee should make an attempt to avoid garnishments and to prevent more than one garnishment when possible.

      • When financial difficulties interfere with the employee's job performance (or in any way hinder the normal operation of the University) an administrative review of the situation may be initiated to determine the desirability of continued employment.

    2. University's legal obligation

      The University is required by state law to accept and process garnishments served by officials of the court and tax levies submitted by the state of Kentucky.

      • The state or an officer of the court delivers a garnishment or a tax levy to Payroll.

      • A tax levy, garnishment, etc. will be processed by Payroll according to state of Kentucky law.

      • Payroll distributes copies of the completed form to the employee and the garnisheeing party along with the check.

  2. University's Obligation to Collect Internal Indebtedness

    1. When an employee is indebted to the state of Kentucky or Murray State University and the indebtedness has become due and payable, such indebtedness shall be applied to any claim which that individual has against the state of Kentucky or Murray State University pursuant to the terms of the statute.

    2. Should an employee deny his/her indebtedness to the state or University or any part thereof he/she shall be entitled to an administrative hearing. A hearing officer shall be designated by the President to hear the case and shall promulgate rules and regulations for the hearing of the case. Due process shall be accorded.

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