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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


The University recognizes that inclement weather conditions can result in lateness and possible absences.

  1. When the University Remains Open During Inclement Weather

    1. Late arrival to the work place

      An employee must make every effort to arrive on time AND notify his/her supervisor of anticipated lateness. If an employee is unable to arrive at work on time, he/she will not be penalized (no loss of pay or charge to vacation) due to extreme or hazardous conditions.

    2. Inability to get to work

      If employees are unable to get to work, the employee will be given the option of how this absence will be charged. He/she shall choose one of the following:

      • The employee will not be paid for the period of time absent, or

      • the time absent will be charged against the employee's accumulated vacation.

  2. When the University Closes Due to Inclement Weather

    Early departure from the work place

    1. The President or his/her designate shall decide if weather conditions warrant early departure of employees campus-wide.

    2. Due to critical services in certain departments, some employees must continue to work. In this case, employees working in critical services (Food Services, Heating and Cooling Plant, Murray State Police, etc.) who must continue working will complete their normal hours. (See Overtime Compensation)

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