Committee Meetings

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


  1. Meetings of University committees will be held at times and locations selected by the individual committees unless otherwise mandated.

  2. Each committee should consider the hour, location, and schedule of meetings at the first meeting of each year and revise by vote of the committee as needed.

  3. A committee member is elected or appointed to represent a group of employees and should attend all meetings of the committee.

  4. A committee member must notify his/her supervisor in advance of committee meetings which he/she is obligated to attend. An employee must not leave his/her work station without prior approval from his/her supervisor.

  5. A supervisor should release employees to attend committee meetings, if the employee is a member of the committee.

  6. If meetings are held after normal working hours or after a member's normal shift, the member will not be granted time off from work or be paid overtime due to the extra time spent in committee meetings.

  7. The employee must notify his/her supervisor of any tardiness due to committee meeting attendance.

  8. Committee meetings are open to all interested employees; however, employees who are not committee members will normally not be released from their normal duties to attend meetings. If such an employee wishes to attend a meeting for a justifiable reason, he/she must request permission from his/her supervisor in advance.

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