Interpretations and Rights

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


Murray State University through its Board of Regents and the authority granted by the state of Kentucky has adopted the personnel policies contained in this manual to serve as comprehensive guides and ready reference for employees and supervisors to promote a well-organized and consistent personnel program.

  1. Interpretation

    This manual from time to time makes an effort to summarize applicable provisions of state and federal law. This effort has been made in good faith with the aim of providing assistance to the Murray State University employee. It should be obvious that in the event of a conflict as between federal and state law and the summary expression as stated herein, the federal and state law will prevail over the expression. The final responsibility for the interpretation of federal and state law is with the employee. The University has attempted, and will continue to attempt, to provide a degree of guidance, but the employee is responsible for the final determination as to his or her rights under federal or state law.

  2. Disclaimer of Contractual Significance

    Nothing contained in Murray State University's written personnel policies, manuals, handbooks, publications, transmittals, web site or any oral statement in connection therewith shall constitute or imply a contract of employment between the University and any employee of such University.

  3. Reservation of Rights

    Murray State University reserves the right to change any rule or regulation stated herein. The right to modify or change is subject to any limitations imposed by law. Systematic efforts will be made to notify staff and faculty of all policy changes.

  4. Overview of the Manual

    1. The policies in this manual were developed by Human Resources, reviewed by the vice presidents, recommended by the President, and adopted by the Board of Regents.

    2. Policies contained in this manual apply to faculty and staff as noted in the heading of each policy. These policies are intended to increase understanding, eliminate the need for personal decisions on matters of University-wide policy, and help assure uniformity of interpretation and application throughout the University. All administrators have the responsibility for administering these policies in a consistent and impartial manner.

    3. This manual is made available to all departments and organizational units for the use of all supervisors and employees. Infinite details cannot be covered to meet every situation; therefore, Human Resources will advise and counsel supervisors and employees concerning interpretation of policy or matters not covered herein.

    4. Future updates will be posted to the web site with notification to departments by e-mail.

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