Paid Parental Leave

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 1, 2022

Paid Parental Leave

Regular faculty and staff may be granted up to six (6) weeks paid parental leave within the first twelve (12) weeks following an eligible childbirth or adoption. Paid parental leave may be used in lieu of accrued sick leave, vacation leave, family and medical leave or other qualifying leaves; however, this leave does not extend the amount of time an employee may qualify to be away from work. Part-time employees will receive paid parental leave on a pro-rata basis.

1) Eligibility

  1. An employee must have worked in a regular position at Murray State University a minimum of six (6) consecutive months prior to the start of the requested leave.
  2. Paid parental leave may be taken following the birth or adoption of a child under the age of 18. The adoption of a spouse’s child is excluded from this policy.
  3. An employee may receive up to six (6) weeks of paid parental leave in a 12-month period.
  4. If both parents are employees of the University, each parent is entitled to receive six (6) weeks of paid parental leave, if eligible. Parents may use their paid parental leave concurrently or during separate periods.

2) Procedure

  1. An employee must provide at least 30-calendar days of advance notice prior to the intended use of the leave, if possible. Employees who are prevented from giving advance notice because of a medical emergency or because the notice of adoption was received less than 30-calendar days in advance shall not forfeit their benefits under this policy.
  2. An employee must submit a written request for paid parental leave to the Office of Human Resources.
  3. An employee must furnish a statement from a healthcare provider or other acceptable documentation supporting the paid parental leave request.
  4. An employee may request to take paid parental leave continuously or intermittently; leave may be taken in no less than 15-minute increments. Intermittent leave cannot exceed more than six (6) calendar weeks.
  5. An employee may request additional leave beyond the six (6) weeks of paid parental leave by applying for accrued sick leave, vacation leave, family and medical leave or other qualifying leaves. Paid parental leave does not run concurrently with family and medical leave.

The responsibility for approving paid parental leave is delegated to the Office of Human Resources.

The paid parental leave policy incorporates, and is inclusive of, any applicable state and/or federal mandated leave requirements.

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