Recreational Facilities

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Murray State University
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


Due to the unsupervised nature of much of the activity envisaged by this section, individuals using recreational facilities are strongly encouraged to have physical examinations prior to engaging in recreational activities. The University can assume no liability for individuals who participate in activities not supervised by University personnel. All staff and faculty using the facilities should report any defect in equipment or facilities to the building supervisor.

Recreational activities and related facilities are available for use by University employees, spouses, and children eighteen years and under during scheduled hours. University classes or organized activities will have priority on facility usage.

  1. The recreational facilities are as follows:

    1. Tennis - lighted, hard-surface courts. Available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    2. Swimming - large, indoor, heated pool located in the John W. Carr Hall Building.

    3. Gymnasium - located in John W. Carr Hall Building.

    4. Handball/Racquetball Courts - located in John W. Carr Hall Building. Available by reservation.

    5. Weight and Exercise Room - located in John W. Carr Hall Building.

    6. Jogging/Walking Track - located around the concourse of Racer Arena and in the Regional Special Events Center.

    7. Athletic Equipment - A large assortment of athletic equipment is available on a check-out basis from the equipment room located in the John W. Carr Hall Building.

    8. Quarter Mile Track - located in Roy Stewart Stadium.

    9. Jerry and Betsy Reid Shroat Intramural Field - located between North l6th Street and Waldrop Drive, west of Winslow Cafeteria.

  2. University employees and their spouses and children, l8 years and under, must have a valid I. D. card to be admitted to the John W. Carr Hall Building. I. D. card fees are paid in the Cashiers' Office, Sparks Hall; the photo I.D. cards are issued (with receipt for payment) in the Food Service Office, Curris Center. Fees are charged in accordance with fee assessment policy.

  3. The facilities are scheduled for employee usage each semester. Schedules are posted in the John W. Carr Hall Building and the Regional Special Events Center.

  4. Lockers are available for employees on a limited basis. Lockers must be requested each semester during scheduled dates (See "5" below). Padlocks for lockers must be furnished by the employee. A towel will be issued with each locker.

  5. For further information or questions, contact the John W. Carr Hall Center office.

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