Probationary Period

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EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 1993
REVISED FROM: February 17, 1990


  1. A probationary period of six months shall be required of all regular staff employees at the time of initial employment at the University. If employment is terminated, a probationary period may be required upon return to the University.

  2. The probationary period is to allow the supervisor and the new employee to determine the advisability of employment continuation. This period should be utilized to (a) assist the new employee in every possible way to adjust quickly and efficiently to the work situation, and (b) observe the quality of work performed in relation to the standards required of the job.

  3. The decision as to the employee's suitability for a job is the sole responsibility of the University. Employment may be terminated at any time during the probationary period.

  4. If it is determined during that period that it is inadvisable to retain the new employee, Human Resources shall be contacted to determine the possibilities of a transfer to other work which may be more suitable to the individual.

  5. If an employee is transferred to another position during the probationary period, he/she shall continue in a probationary status for an additional six months from the date of transfer. The administrative head of the department may waive the additional probationary period on the basis of the employee's performance in the new position.

  6. The probationary period may be extended one time upon written request and justification from the administrative head of the department. The request must be approved by the Director of Human Resources and the vice president of the department's organization or the President when it pertains to his/her staff.

  7. During the probationary period an employee is eligible for benefits in the same manner as regular employees.

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