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EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2011
REVISED FROM: July 1, 1993


Employees of the University are paid on a biweekly or monthly payroll depending on their status as non-exempt or exempt employees under the provisions of the State Wage and Hour Law.

  1. General Information
    Payroll schedules are distributed to each department by the Payroll Office prior to the beginning of each fiscal year delineating the dates for submitting payroll information and date of payment.

  2. Non-exempt Staff
    Non-exempt employees are paid biweekly with pay delayed two weeks to allow for processing the payroll after time reports are submitted to the Payroll Office.

    1. Deadlines for reporting time are stated in the payroll calendar for biweekly employees.

    2. Pay is distributed every other Friday.

    3. Biweekly payrolls are distributed 26 times a year.

  3. Exempt Staff
    Exempt staff employees are paid monthly according to the payroll calendar for monthly employees.

  4. Faculty

    1. Faculty members on l2-month contracts will be paid monthly according to a payroll schedule on the payroll calendar for monthly employees.

    2. Faculty on academic year contracts are paid ten equal payments beginning in August of each year through May of the following year.

    3. Faculty on academic year contracts may be paid twelve equal payments beginning in August of each fiscal year if the faculty member submits a request to the Payroll Office at the time the contract is returned to the President's Office.

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