Jeff Osborne

Associate Professor of English

"Every class is a mini-revolution in potential. The best moments in a semester are those when we hear the questions a text poses to us in the provocative way that texts speak, the moments when we—all involved—confront our own limitations and must seek out ways to overcome them. My goal in the courses I teach is to create a classroom environment in which the questions literature asks us can be heard in such a way that we can effectively respond to them."

Jeffrey Osborne


University of Kentucky



Radford University



Radford University

"Constituting American Masculinity." American Studies Journal 49.1-2 (Fall 2008).

"Benjamin Franklin and the Rhetoric of Virtuous Self-Fashioning." Literature & History 17.2 (2008). 

"American Antipathy and the Cruelties of Citizenship in Letters from an American Farmer." Early American Literature 42.3 (2007).

American Literature

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry


Literary Criticism and Theory

Literature & Philosophy

Early American Literature


Board of Regents Award for Teaching Excellence, Spring 2009

Dr. Jeff Osborne

7B-11 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

Murray KY 42071-3341


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