Judy Bush Crofton

judy crofton Senior Lecturer
Scholarships Coordinator

"There's nothing like walking into a classroom on the first day of school and feeling like you can make a difference in the lives of the students you teach. Whether it's a group of freshmen in English 105 or a more seasoned group of students in English 318, I relish the opportunity to connect with these young adults and help them to become the kind of analytical, critical thinkers I know they can be. To this end, I provide my students with readings that are both intellectually challenging and provocative and foster a classroom environment that is warm and inviting. I want my students to view themselves as a community of learners, unafraid to question and probe the world around them. Ultimately, as a result of my classes, I want my students to grow as human beings."


Auburn University


Auburn University

"Roads Scholars: Faculty's Role in Student Recruitment," with Tim Todd. Planning for Higher Education 29.3 (2001): 35-43.

"Roads Scholars: An Innovative Faculty Program for High School/Community College Recruitment and Service," with William Payne. Proceedings of the San Diego National Social Science Conference, 1998.

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry

ENG 201 Appreciation of Literature

ENG 312 American Literature, 1890-Present

ENG 318 Women's Literature

HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition: Continuity

HUM 212 Humanities in the Modern World: Diversity

American Feminist Literature



Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2004

Women's Center Advisory Council, Murray State University, 2000-01

Scholarship Coordinator

Judy Crofton

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