Ray Horton

Ray Horton Assistant Professor of English

"In overlooking, denying, evading [this] complexity--which is nothing more than the disquieting complexity of ourselves--we are diminished and we perish; only within this web of ambiguity, paradox, this hunger, danger, darkness, can we find at once ourselves and the power that will free us from ourselves. It is this power of revelation which is the business of the novelist, this journey toward a more vast reality which must take precedence over all other claims." - James Baldwin

Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University

M.A. Case Western Reserve University

B.A. Mercyhurst University

"'Rituals of the ordinary': Marilynne Robinson's Aesthetics of Belief and Finitude." PMLA, vol. 132, no. 1, 2017, pp. 119-34.

"Robinson, Marilynne." Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and the Arts. Ed. Timothy Beal. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2016. Oxford Reference.

American Fiction's Secular Faith. Book manuscript in progress.


"Is There a Context for Gilead? Reading The Handmaid’s Tale and Lila under the Christian Right." Christianity & Literature, vol. 69, no. 1, 2020. Forthcoming in special issue: "Literature of / about the Christian Right," published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing, and Inquiry

ENG 312 American Literature, 1865-1945

ENG 444 American Literature, 1920-Present

ENG 636 American Novel

HON 251 Honors Seminar in Literature and Philosophy I

HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition

American Literature

Literature and Religion

Secularization Theory

Contemporary Fiction

Graduate Dean's Instructional Excellence Award, Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), 2017

Adrian-Salomon Dissertation Fellowship, CWRU, 2016-17

College of Arts & Sciences Dissertation Fellowship, CWRU, 2016

Dean's Fellowship, CWRU English Department, 2014-17

President, American Religion and Literature Society, 2016-present

Coordinator, Undergraduate Literature, 2018-present

Faculty Advisor, English Student Organization, 2018-present

Modern Language Association

American Literature Association

American Religion and Literature Society

Mark Twain Circle of America

International Society for the Study of Religion, Literature, and Culture

Ray Horton

7C-18 Faculty Hall

Murray State University

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